Chasing Life

Well fellow widows/widowers it has been 18 months since my lovely wife Sharon we were together for 34 years succumbed to cancer after a long 16 month battle during which I was the care giver 24/7 and wouldn’t have had it any other way.  During these 18 months I have been trying to find my life again, as we all are, I started thinking back to my life with her.  We were both physically active not only sharing the duties of house maintenance, but hiking several times each week (6-10 miles each hike) and kayaking as much as possible.

My wife suffered from severe back problems cause by a traffic accident when she was a teenager, after numerous surgeries and under the care of a pain management Dr. her physical limitations caused us to change what we did not only around the house but for recreation.  I put together a plan for us to travel to small towns through the southeast with camera in hand and document our journey.  I retired in 2013 at age 63.  We bought another house in 2014 took us little over a year to make the house ours, painting and landscaping the whole lot and of course new furniture.  We finished in June 2015, and shortly after Sharon started having mental issues. Doctor visit; diagnosis lung cancer with mets to the brain, lymph node, bones and many other organs she was given 2 weeks.  After radiation, chemo, cyber knife she lasted 16 months, and when she finally decided to quit the battle she entered in home hospice on a Monday evening at 7pm and passed that Friday December 9, 2016 at 6:42am with me at her side.

Like many of us the major problem we have is what we do now! Well through a lot of soul searching and headache causing brain work the last few weeks; I am still going to take the journey through out the small towns of the southeast with camera in hand and document on a blog I have started.  Had to order a new one cause my lovely daughter as absconded with all the ones I had.  This journey will have a new purpose to enjoy life again and hopefully find my chapter 2 along the way and when I do then we will start a new journey through our lives together.

One thought on “Chasing Life

  1. Mike…thank you for sharing your story about you and your wife…You both were blessed! Prayers snd hugs to you as you begin your new journey of Life. May God be with you and guide you to his path of your new Life. Life is Beautiful! May God bless you! ❤️


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